Ghola (piterdevries) wrote in planet_arrakis,

Heated Debate

I hope this isn't considered too off-topic to the members here, but I thought i'd help advertise a new debate group on LJ.

petshopboy1983 recently has created heated_debate.
The goal of this community is to serve as a non-partial debate and discussion forum where people are not banned for their ideas or opinions. It is a free speech and anti-censorship community.
It is an open idea forum with debates over media, religion, literature, politics, sexuality, and any other topic people wish to discuss.
I am sure the members of this community have tons to contribute and I hope you will come share your views and ideas with us,
Anyway, please consider joining heated_debate.

We have topics concerning Star Trek and Wars going, but if any of you Dune fans would like to join and such, you're welcome. The owner and myself I know to be Dune fans. Thanks!
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